Sunday, 2 October 2011

To Can or Not To Can ... That is the £50 Question!!!

Well today I have just looked in my pathetic little blue recycling box and have realised just how many cans we use in our house!  Surely there must be a way to make some spare cash from all these tins?

I know some people save all their tins and cans and sell them to the scrap metal merchants in their area.  Scrap metal prices are quite decent and if you can make a few extra quid from them then that's great!  I just wish I could find somewhere up here that would be prepared to do this.  I would then be able to recycle all our tins and cans and probably my mums as well and make a few extra pounds to save up for a rainy day.

I will keep searching and will update the blog as soon as I find a merchant that is happy to pay out for scrap metal in the Highlands.